Bergamont Bicycles Dyers Pass Road Hill Climb

No photos but a little report on how the race went:

My time was 13:53 and placed 1st, which I was very happy with.  The start was right on the start of Dyers Pass Road – bloody hard!  Made sure I didn’t go to bulls-out from the start.  Felt the previous day’s ride in my legs at this stage.  Went pretty hard to the Takahe, but always hard when you’re scared of blowing yourself up!  Little ring almost to the top when I went to big ring for the last ramp (standing) sprint.  Was hoping for a sub 14min but had no idea, hence I ‘m pretty happy!  Symon the official timer, wasn’t even ready when I finished so I hope that might have accounted for a few more seconds.

It was also cool to support Andrew Widdup, manager of Bike 3000 (Bergamont bicycles outlet), race organiser and good friend.  It cost him a lot to put this ride on, and I don’t think he broke even, even with around 70 people racing!  Also good to see Jo Kiewanowski there supporting the event and handing out medals.