Weekend report – Around Brunner and Benchmark #2

Hokitika Benchmark race on Sunday report: Nice to be part of a team after a wee hiatus. Made one mistake during race and loss my cool after the race but otherwise, I and we (Bici Vida) rode well. Happy with 2nd.

Around Lake Brunner race report: spewed chunks during the night (before), didn’t eat before and only 1 bar during race (record for me). Worked well for the team. Shattered afterwards.

And the athletes that did it from the Odlin coaching stable!:

Ian Smallman: 10th place elite men! 3:01:18

Graeme Litt: 3:24:26 5th in his age group (50-59) and 33rd overall recreational

Sarah Smallman: 3:29:26 6th Women and 66th overall

Greg Phillipson: 3:45:12 54th in his age groupr (40-49) and 145th overall recreational

Ian Harvey: 3:55:17 13th in his age group (60-69) and 199th overall

Mark Nicklin: 4:01:07 80th in his age group

Kristin McNaughton: 4:11:00 don’t know!

John McCarthy: ? did the teams race, first leg