Hanmer Kaikoura Benchmark race rap

Sarah, Ian, Kristin and I from the Odlin Coaching Stable were present at the 3rd round of the Benchmark series.  Sarah and Ian’s 4th race back after a prolonged break, Kristin managing/driving their team and me there to improve upon my overall series placing and gel with my new team Bici Vida. 

I went up the day before to do just that (with the team).  I’m enjoying being in a team finally – we had a great pre race team meeting on Saturday night. 

Race day dawned a pretty nice.  Our plan was to go ‘blocks’ – attacking from the start, to unsettle Benchmark who were there to defend and extend Josh Aitkins overall lead and team classification lead.  Have to hand it to them they did a pretty good job of being in every break.  B.V. were mostly present in all the breaks.  A(lex)Ray dropped from a 3-man break during the middle of the race but otherwise we were always there.

Come the business end of the race, I started attacking over the top of Aitkin’s strong attacks (he was strongest in the race).  I felt I was 2nd strongest at this point and backed myself going into the final climb.  A lapse of mental drive meant I dropped a lot of placings at the start of the final hill and ended 10th.  Disappointed.  Yet the team did well winning teams G.C. and Taylor Gunnman coming 2nd.

Of note – Ian won Cat 2 category and Sarah, well Sarah just bloody finished!

From here we have the Christchurch ‘Summer’ series to finish off the race programme til Queen’s Birthday.  After this we have 2 months of the winter series at Prebbleton.  I’m actively racing the ‘summer’ series and supporting those who will be competing now and during the winter series.

Long may the good weather continue!