Weekend of riding through an earthquake zone 4th and 5th September 2010

Saturday group ride: no one was able to turn up so I did around the base of the hills to Evans; turned around 100m from summit on Lyttleton side; went along Summit road to Mt Pleasant but turned down Mt Pleasant as a farmer advised me of rock falls underneath gondola; back along base of hills up Kiwi, down to Governors, up and over Gebbies, met John; back up Gebbies; home via main road and most of old TaiTapu (flooding and silt on road just after northern end of rough seal; missed downs on John’s advice.

Sunday group ride: Greg, Glenn, Jeff and I missed the aforementioned Halswell/TaiTapu parts and did long bays with no serious obstructions.  Glenn and I then did 7x cup reps.  I finished with the ‘driveway’ of the south off TaiTapu road – that road’s a mess!

Monday STAC ride: about to do it, think I’ve got Nick and apparently Kiwi Governors bay is now closed (was at lunchtime).