Day 2 – Invercargill to Gore 165k part 2

Today was a good learning curve for me.  Yesterday Roly had a few ‘words’ with me when I ‘jumped’ unnecssarily to get onto a share the road rider.  We don’t want these guys going up the road so if they do, the best way is to work as a team to bring the bread they’re in back (usually staight away).  Well, I sort of did it again today – whoops.  Also made an attack when Share the Road were on the ropes (only Bauer and Yates were left), but neglected to look around to see who was on my wheel – Yates was there – waste of energy.  And wasted energy  was not a good deal today!  First hour we did 50k, ish!  I felt good til Gore, when the hills started! After that I spent a reasonable amount of time with Roly (most important – especailly after being on the wrong side of the split up the hill out of Edendale).  I felt good after the race, but every hill hurt, but there are a lot, and I mean A LOT of tired guys.  Hope to have another good night sleep and be good for tomorrow – it’s going to twice as hard as today!


Sleep: 8hours

Wake up time: 6:30am

RHR: 50

Weight: 82.2

Garmin data – YEAH I was excited to have a brand new Garmin 500 Edge on my bike – no more magnets!  Unfortunately no data after 1hour – the battery died!

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