Day 4 – up the Crown range!

Morning stats:  best sleep yet.

RHR: 52

Sleep: 8 and 1/2hours

Weight: 81.6 (you won’t recognise when I get home)

You know I’m getting tired when the blog entries are a day late!  I’ve come into this tour the most unfit in the last 5 yreas (except for last year after Gland) but I’m doing the best in terms of recovering and saving energy during the race.  I’m glad yesterday is over as it’s the worst day for me (1202m ascent and only 809m descent) and I haven’t deterioated in condition – thanks to some great massages and reiki.

We got to sit in for most of yesterday until after all the hard lumpy stuff near Jack’s Point then we had to chase Bauer down – 5 of us ringing it – and we took 15k to catch him!  Then he went up the climb only 5 seconds behind Roly.  Shit!

Race stats: 230mins; 138km; av 36kph; avHR 136bpm.

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