Day 5 – the hardest day for the peleton: 163k Winton to Te Anau

Morning stats:

RHR: 53

Sleep: ~9hrs

Wake up time: 6:40am!

Weight: 82.6kg – too much icecream!

The stage (and team plan): let an early break go early without Gordy in it, let Share the Road chase all day.  Get as many of us over Blackmount (climb at 115km) with Roly as possible.  Roly attack and get away from Yates.  Well none of us got over the hill with Roly!  But all by himself he got away from Yates and only with Bauer, who ridiculously rode away from Yates with Roly.  Then Roly won the sprint!  Now Roly’s 2 seconds down on Jack with 2 stages remaining.  I’m SO AMPED!

Today’s stats:Garmin won’t tell me until tomorrow!

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