Festival of Cycling results for O.C.C athletes

Long Bay’s classic:

Men: Paul Odlin 10th

Women:Sarah Smallman 8th (7th in her category)

Harbour Ride:

John Christie: 27th (1st in category): 2:01:07

Matt Anderson: 76th (30th) 2:04:45

Richard Green: 99th (27th) 2:07:47

David McCormick: 133rd (32nd) 2:13:30

Dene Hall: 154th (54th) 2:15:13

Glenn Quantock: 205th (58th) 2:22:03 – punctured in first km!

Graeme Litt: 235th (16th) 2;25:13 – had an ear infection!

Jeff Long: 303rd (35th) 2:33:57

Murray Calder?

Margaret Wood: 40th (11th) 2:40:41

Emily Wood: 41st (4th) 2:40:

John McCarthy: 428th (61st) 2:56:01

Ron Ferriman: 467th (74th) 3:50:38 – virgin long bays man and 3rd off being latern rouge!

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