C.T.T.A. 25k Championship time trial and North Loburn GS: O.C.C. report

Sunday March 13th: cold in town but a really nice day out in north Canterbury.  Slight easterly called for some fast times.

O.C.C. athletes in action: Andrew W, John V, Matt A did both the time trial and road race yesterday, and Glenn, Craig and myself did just the road race.

Time trial results: coming!

Road race:

A grade: a pretty small field – 2 Subway riders (myself and Tom Hubbard) and 3 Pure Black riders.  A fast start (downhill and all lapping out), then I attacked as soon as it slowed.  Rolling tubulars on fast (46mm) dished rims and finally some form meant I stayed away a good majority of this race.  It was fun playing with the field, eventually setting Tom up for the win.  He was stoked to get a win under his belt since he hasn’t raced for ages.

B grade: John V, Glenn and Craig all did this race.  Some strong turns at the front by John were made.  This was Craig’s first race back in years – like 15!  But he pulled out a 5th (ish) in the bunch sprint!  B grade was pretty big, on a hard course so it didn’t suit the likes of Glenn who has become a bit of a breakaway specialist of late – it was very hard to stay way by yourself.

C grade: Andrew and Matt finished strongly in the bunch – Andrew rolling in 8th (ish).  A good finish from Andrew as he continues to build his endurance.  This was only Matt’s second club race so good riding from him to finish in the bunch too.

Eyreton next Saturday!

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