Canterbury Road Race and Time Trial Championships 2011 (8th and 9th of April, Glenntunnel and Loburn)

The O.C.C. athletes in action last weekend at the Canterbury Champs:

Time trial: Saturday at Loburn

U19 Girls: Emily Wood, Bronze.  This is Emily’s first club race competition!

Masters4: Stephen Mark 1st place!!!!!!!!!!

Road Race: Sunday at Glenntunnel.  Riders used a 26km lap course.  It’s a hard nuggety ride full of false flats and rises in the foothills of the alps:

U17 Boys: Andrew Ward, DNF

U19 Girls: Emily Wood, Silver!!! In her second day of club racing!  Yahoo

Masters3: Glenn Quantock: 10th=

Masters2: Glenn Ewans: 7th

Open men: Ian Smallman: 6th

Open woman: Sarah Smallman: 3rd!!!!!!!!!!!!

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