Tour de Korea Stage 1: Gumi – Geochang (108k); 15/4/2011

Race Report:

Hard hard hard hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Easy til the hills!! or at least until they became longer than 2km.  Blew up on the main climb of the day, last person to get onto the front group – jumped across on the descent.  Attacked just before sprint ace but myself and another didn’t manage to get across to the sole leader (2nd in sprint ace).  Sat up and rolled in with the bunch (4 or 5 up the road).  Hammered but looking forward to tomorrow!

Here are a few photos from the official welcome dinner last night:

I’ve enjoyed a slice of Korean culture since we’ve been here – this place seems developed enough not to try and make everything up to ‘western standard’ for us, but eastern enough to very different. Feels like quite a cold and dry place but warm and lively people.

As for today’s stage: team plan – treat it like a one-day race!
Cool, I’ve been designated team leader alongside Wes(tley Gough). My personal plan is to get in the today’s main break, hoping like last year it decides the tour (G.C.). Getting in the break is easier said then done but I’m confident I’ve got the tools to achieve that.

I’m feeling strong and well rested, a little nervous, but rearing to chomp at the bit in this race!

Note the hills!

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