Day 2 & 3: 213.4k (Geochang – ) & 204. ( – ) – 30k of Seawall!

Hi folks

This blog will be finished tonight.  Combination of dearth of internet and time in the day out of chamoix dictates summarised blogging.

Yesterday.  Starting day hunting for breaks to get in mix for sprint points.  Missed break of 3, bridged up mostly solo (final, hardest part, sat on a Japanese man), break brought back – sprint primes still 60k away!

Next regret of this tour is in the coolest gorge downhill I’ve ever raced,  that I didn’t smoke it past the field and get off the front.  My downhilling has improved and I’m finding the lack of Europeans here means that it’s easy to get to the front.  Anyway, the break that got the two sprint primes got away and stayed away from that descent.

Well tonight has turned into tomorrow night (Monday I believe)…..

… back to stage 2.  In summary – sat in but moved to the front for the last 30k to have a go at the sprint.  I was well positioned in the crosswinds, about 15th wheel with 1.2k to go.  Punctured!  Got front bunch time though.  First night in a ‘sex’ motel.

Stage 3: I went into this stage with the mental attitude of wanting to provide as many opportunites as poss.  Team plan was to get someone up the road and then Sam to launch me across to the break (containing a Subway rider).  This pretty much to plan, with Wesley and Grover (Nick Lovegrove) in tow!  Sweet, 3 Subway, sprint at 52k, a full leadout for me – first time ever.  And I just won the sprint by a whisker.  Now 2nd on sprint ace with 2 left in the whole tour.  The rest of the tour was punctuated with breaks (I made 3 more), eventually finishing 10th.  Awesome long and exciting day!

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