Korean idioms and the day in the life of…

Tissue box advertising:

Sprinting bike!:

The food: holy shit  I’m sick of rice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Don’t get me wrong – I love it.  I love sushi, but when it’s all you eat for breakfast and dinner (lunch is gels and bars), everyday for a week now, you get sick of it!  What can I say – I’m a moaner!

The day in the life of: on a good night’s sleep wake up early so I can write enjoyable stuff like this blog, read my book and do my yoga routine.  This morning 5:20am wakeup.  Bad sleep nights (fortunately haven’t had those for last 2), wake up 6:30.  Enough time to wake up, pack bag then go to breakfast (6:50am leave to drive to a different hotel); back to our hotel for a bit of free time; leave for race between 8:30-9am; final prep (leg rub, organise right clothing for the day, race food and sunblock up); 10am race.

After the really long stages (Saturday and Sunday), we’ve arrived back at the hotel after 4pm.  Do washing when showering, hang it up (not on a power line on coat hangers I’ve learnt), massage; then at which time it’s dinner.  Back home for team meeting; finished at 8pm, time to relax and then sleep by 9.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s transition day (we’ll aim to ride the 50k between (today’s) finish town and the next day’s start town), for a break in routine!

Water Closets (WC/bathroom facilities): pretty good.  I mean you don’t have to pay for them.  Cons – no liquid soap (so much better than getting soap scum stuck in your wedding ring…).  Pros – never a miss of paper hand towels to dry your hand – death to the hand dryer in New Zealand (starting a fan page soon)!

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