Transition/rest day Thursday 21st April + Stage 6

The way I’ve looked at this tour is thus: 6 days to start – like another Tour of Southland, a day to rest, recover but importantly to keep the legs ticking over; then a very hard 3 day tour to follow.

Today I’ve felt like a sack of moldy potatoes – like shit.  But that’s normal, like the feeling after a really hard weekend.  It’s a bit harder when you’re not at home or have a wee 2year old boy to keep you busy + we’re currently at (low) attitude (1050m).  I’ve had an afternoon snooze, about to line up on the massage table and now given myself plenty of work to do on the tomtoota.  Also important to keep up the hydration (altitude sucks you dry).

We went for a ride this morning to keep the legs ticking over, feel like I should do a bit more after having a nap and no doubt another good sleep tonight.  Tomorrow’s stage starts bang straight into an 8k climb with maximum gradient of 17%!  I’ll need to know my levels of discomfort for that!

Yesterday’s stage went well – til the climb!  I had 3 goals:

  1. Keep to the front of the bunch (primarily for safety)
  2. Be as far up in the bunch at the start of the climb (top 10 ideally)
  3. ‘Reem’ myself over the top of the climb to stay in the front group.

Did all three of these things but got dropped from front bunch in the process of ‘reeming’ myself on last climb.  Consequently, I ended up going pretty slow up the rest of the (9k) climb, with teammate Wes pacing me.  Fortunately we got back to the front.

I’ve got a new plan to as to how to attack the 4 monster climbs in tomorrow’s stage.  We’ll see!

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