Tour de Korea final stage 47.8k + final sprint prime!

Well we did it! I placed 2nd in the final sprint and won the sprint jersey with the help of my team mates.  In the end Wes, Sam and Grover on the bike really stood up and rode solidly around me to help me win.  Matt (did not finish stage 7), Paul (massage/soigeneur), Hayden (mechanic) and G-man (director) put in a lot of encouraging words, advice, rubs and beautifully running bikes to get me in order to win this sprint competition!

Winding down now at the hotel.  We’ll be heading out soon for dinner, a few drinks then returning home, then leaving Seoul tomorrow 9am (but that means a 5:30am departure from the hotel!).

I’ll load on some stats from my Garmin from the race in my next blog.  For now, dvd time, call home time and let it all sink in! Pretty awesome note to finish on – no crashes from any of us – sweet deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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