O.C.C. athletes in action over the weekend, 14-15th May 2011

Results from O.C.C. athletes (past and present) at round 1 of the point Series, Eyreton:

8km Time Trial and 42k Road Race:

Race 1: Ian Smallman 1st! (11:13) and 1st!

Ben Robertson 4th (12:42) and 6th

Race 3: Phil Hodder 10th (13:32) and 15th

Matt Anderson 12th (13:38) and  9th

Andrew Villazon 13th (13:50) and 11th

Race 4: Richard Green 3rd (13:29) and 4th =

Sarah Smallman 5th (13:46) and 4th =

Greg Phillipson 13th (14:27) and 4th = (there was a crash just before the last corner and everyone was given equal points)

Race 6: Emily Wood 11th (16:19) and DNF

U17: Andrew Ward 1st! (14:18) and 1st!

This is a good start to the point series (bar the crash – forthunately Richard, Sarah and Greg avoided it).  To do well at this series the most important thing is to keep turning up to all the events!

On Sunday Margaret, Emily and sister/daughter Laura won the female enduro  teams duathlon at Ruapuna.  They also came a respectable 6th overall in the teams section.

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