Festival of Cycling Waipara Classic 2012 results + Criterium report from the coach

First the coach’s report on the crit:

At its new location in the University of Canterbury the crit was a technical affair.   The one thing I love about crit’s are, particularly when it’s a ‘shit fest’, there’s no option but to race from the front.  If you don’t take the mentality that you can’t be no further back then 5th or 6th wheel then you won’t last long.

This course was unique in that the longest straight was 200m.  This meant passing riders hardly happened, nor attacks, and being at the front was imperative.  For those of you who were there you might question my advice of “being at the front but not ON  THE FRONT”.  I spent 90% of my time in the race ‘ON THE FRONT’.  I found it easier being able to control my speed out of corners.  Many would argue that second wheel was best.  Negligible.  If I had more confidence to glue myself to the wheel in front around a corner than the later would have been best, I took the easy option of being at the front.

It worked for the first 20minutes – I didn’t find it hard and I won the first 2 primes.  After the 2nd I saw a gap open up behind me so I didn’t relent to the first corner.  That’s where I slid out ending my race.  Bummer.

This has made me more motivated for the national criterium champs this Friday in the North Shore.  There’ll be a bit of cornering practice on the go kart track this week, less tyre pressure and greater pressure on my outside foot each corner this Friday.

Thanks so much for the support out there from a lot of you guys – you are what make the atmosphere and it’s always cool having the support.

The grazes aren’t too bad and it always helps having a nurse for a wife!

Ride strong!

Festival of Cycling:

This last weekend saw plenty of O.C.C. athletes in action at the 7th running of the Festival of Cycling.  Admittedly there were physical restraints, logistical, safety and teething problems for the first time this event was run in Waipara.  I’ve heard a lot of feedback from a range of sources and keen to hear all as the event organiser has been in contact with me and I’ve said I will provide her with this feedback later this week.

I think it should be noted that event organisers, while they charge what appears a premium, can often not make much of a financial gain, and provide us with great challenges to train for.  In addition, who knows how long it will be until Evan’s pass will open, but it’s fair to hazard a guess it will be years rather than months.  So the alternative courses, while they provided some draw backs, there were plenty of positives too.

But have your voice heard and let me know of your feedback.

O.C.C. results:

Paul: 3rd overall 2:12:54

  • Glenn: 2nd age group 2:19:05
  • Maisey: 1st age group 2:28:29
  • Chris: 2:37:32
  • Carey and Emily (6th age group): 2:37:44
  • Scott: 2:46:17
  • Margaret: 2:49:38
  • Louise: 3:02:26
Well done to you all on hot and windy day in north Canterbury!

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