NZ National Criterium Championships; Takapuna; 9th December 2011

Unfortunately not a happy race  for me or Team Subway for that matter!

Didn’t specifically prepare for this weekend by having an easier lead into it.  So while I felt really good at the last criterium at the Festival of Cycling; on fire at the criterium in Taupo; I was dog tired from training during the week.  Add to that a feeling I’m getting that, despite all the team ‘pep’ talk from ourselves and the likes of G-man (Graeme Millar), we’re not riding for 1st place when we rock up next to Pure Black Racing.

In some ways the end result wasn’t a fair reflection of our stakes in the race midday through – two Subway riders up the road in a 8man break.  I’d also done plenty to ride ‘team’ seeing as I didn’t feel like I was going to make much of an impression myself.  Unfortuately for us all went to custard when those two riders came back.

The break was gone for all and sundry and we were left to chase aimlessly.  Seeing as all our big sponsors were there in person I thought best to make a presence so I chased until the end.

On the up side I had good times hanging out with my brother and sister-in-law, squeezing in a sea kayak Saturday morning!

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