The demise of Pure Black Racing

Well not completely done and dusted (and I wouldn’t be surprised if they sprung up again, in force), the wheels have begun to fall off what has been ironically a stellar debut year.   Here is my perspective on PBR…

I’ve had the benefit of being able to get close to the brains behind this team and been their competitior.  Last year I briefly rode for Bici Vida (the precursor to PBR) and got a chance to be with and listen to Carl Williams on his grand schemes of building this team.  Got to hand it to him – he’s truly switched on to how not only a business should run, but how a sporting business should run.

Ultimately they’ll say that the current economic climate, earthquakes and the rugby world cup have put paid to their chances of finding financial backers.  However, I found communication to be lacking with me as a rider.  I was never a key player in the part of their scheme, Pure Black is also born out of Auckland where a different culture prevails (neither better or worse – let’s say a breath of fresh air for a Cantabrian!), so you could argue that I wasn’t a priority.  Wonder though if this had any impact on their business…

As a competitor, as a Subway rider, I often got a pasting.  The key to their success was what I perceived to be a very good team culture built on time together and pride and purpose.  I find it sad that PBR won’t be around to hand out any more paste as I look forward to standing up to it when I’ve got the form.  Hopefully though, something bigger and better will come out of PBR for future generations of cyclists.


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