2012 NZ Cycle Classic Subway report from Oddy

Hi all

Finally feel I have the energy to be writing an informative update on what’s been happening at this year’s tour, from my perspective.

After 3 days it feels like the Subway unit is starting to gel.  We’re having plenty of good laughs and helping each other out in the peleton.

Day 1: 7.1k Time Trial

I really wanted to win this one and to prove it, unlike in previous years I wasn’t interested in being fastest in Subway, I didn’t really register too much about what the other guys were doing.  I was last off with a rider from each team going first.  There were still riders behind me as we are the 13th team (numbers 61-65 our of 105 riders with the start order for the TT being race numbers in reverse ) but already Michael Vink had posted what looked like the time to beat – 9min 29seconds.

I knew I had good form coming off the back of elite nationals and breaking the record on the old Tai Tapu road last week.  I was employing a new (and effective) psychological skill + I felt the best I have felt at the start of a tour for a long time!

Well, at the end I had given absolutely everything – I came up absolutely spent I had to get off my bike as quickly as possible.  A little disappointed to finish 6th – on 9mins 29, the winner was hand timed (he broke his transponder) at 9:28 and the next 6 of us all finished on 9mins 29seconds … milliseconds! Well at least I know I gave it my all AND I’m well placed on general classification.  Onto day 2…


143k Apiti circuit

With 5 strong guys in the team we were confident that we’d not only make the break but maybe have two of us in it.  I was quite keen to sit in, watch and save myself for the latter part of the race when I thought it would be made.  Unfortunately for me, good for Sam, the move went early and I wasn’t there.  After 20k of milling around and thinking about how George Bennett won this tour last year by jumping from group to group, I took off from the gruppetto with two skinny little hill climbers in pursuit of the 22 riders up front.  And we made it!  After 40k we finally made it!  I was completely gone by the time we got there – but I had made it, with the peleton 16mins back!

Today I had 6 lives – life 1: I got back to the lead group!  Life 2: locked up my rear wheel on a 1 lane bridge and consequently lost the road and rode into a culvert.  Plenty of mud for my spoils.  Life 3: Got dropped on the final climb from the lead group and got back on (was last over).  Life 4: Got crashed into by Aussie when we got directed the wrong way and had to do a quick u-turn.  Life 5: Got dropped again from the lead group in the final 10k – got back on again!


Day 3 – yesterday in reverse 153k

Well today I hoped for a bit of an easier day after getting so drilled the last 2.  And I got it!  Grover (team mate Nick Lovegrove) made it into the early move.  Drapac and Jayco the two Aussie teams controlled the race – and we sat in!  Grover and Sam Bewley (ex RadioShack and a New Zealand Track cyclist representative) stayed away til the end, just, with Grover just being pipped on the line. Awesome ride by the Grover though, and boy do I feel a whole lot better today!


One thought on “2012 NZ Cycle Classic Subway report from Oddy

  1. Hand timed…??? I’m sorry to tell you I ‘hand timed’ my self down OTT Rd TT last week in 19:39.9 thus being the new record holder. I have no idea where the time keeper got 25:38 from, I’m sticking with the 19:39!

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