2012 NZ Cycle Classic – from Oddy’s perspective.

Day 4 – 2x Nationals circuit 110k (thank god it’s not raining).

After a day of starting to feel much better I was keen to be aggressive, particularly in the latter part of the race  after the second time up the day’s main climb (planning on trying to stick with the front group), and making a move that would stick until the end to make up at least 3 seconds to move to 5th on G.C. or 20 seconds to move to 3rd!

The team plan was to get Grover some more sprint points to move him into the sprint ace jersey.

At the first sprint, or 3k before it I was behind the big G (Grover) and gave him the initiative to attack (pushed him in the arse and said “Go Grover, Go!”).  It worked – he got 3 points and Paddy Bevin the overnight jersey wearer only got 1.  At the next sprint before the crucial climb which really split the race (the first time up I made it at the front), 3 guys including team mate Pete got up the road to take all the points – team objective accomplished!  Grover in green!

Up the climb the second time I didn’t make it front group.  I did however learnt from the first time that if I go really hard AND stand I can go better than ever up a climb – which I didn’t employ.  Fortunately for me the group I was with got back on, which makes you think – it’s sometimes better not to go absolutely bulls out to stay front group – especially when I wanted to attack in the last 30k.  I did, but didn’t gain much traction.  Missed another opportunity to go with a couple of others (which got pulled back anyway) and then the day finished with a bunch kick.  Hard and a bit disappointed.

Stage 4 – Garmin file deleted!

Nevermind there’s always tomorrow….

Day 5 – 2x Nationals circuit the otherway 110k

Not a hard hill this way and my legs are feeling better.  First objective is to keep Grover in green.  My second objective is the same as yesterday’s – get away in a break towards the end.

Unfortunately my day went horribly wrong when I marked Paddy Bevin in the sprint and took a vital point away from Grover who came in one place behind in 3rd (3points for 1st, 2 for second, 1 for third).  Team not happy.  To top it off in the last 30k my rear wheel self combusted and left me 5 minutes behind the bunch in the end in doing so losing my G.C. spot!

That’s bike racing!


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