Stage 3, 136k: to the south coast

Today started with the ups and downs common to pre menstrual females, guys suffering from man-flu or more specifically a day-3 tour rider.

down- not enough sleep.

up- mean as breakfast!

down- the only brown bread I strike in Korea is dud

up- after a shower I feel mint

down- my garmin reads 1% battery left, after leaving it on my bike switched on yesterday

up- panic charge using lap top enroute to race start in team bus (yes we have a team bus! pro tour!) gets me 39%!

onto the racing. I’m renowned for sniffing out breaks and today reinforced this with a slip off the front after 2k. Would have prefered more than two for company especially when one punctured after 15k!

But good to be animating a race and keeping team management happy with the chance at least to move out of their 21st position in the convoy (out of 21 team cars), once in a while to feed me.

First thoughts were to win K.O.M. at 88k and give myself a goal for the rest of the tour (I am realistic about my chances of sprint ace after not scoring any points yet and the fact so far the mid race primes have been decided by bunch gallops unlike last year which were decided by break aways).

At 74k two of us became 5. Ok still within shot of this. At 87k 5 became 9 and attacks up hill. I am off the back…

til the downhill. No crashes this time!

45k to go, we have 2mins on the chasing peleton and we have a slim chance of staying away. They say a break needs a minute for every remaining 10k. Like I said, slim chance.

So it was, 6k from the finish my (and the Pom I was with) 130k sojourn comes to an end.

There is always tomorrow!

Here’s a photo from the stage start of Korean bridge architecture:

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