Stage 7, 138k and hills – the ‘Queen stage’

There was some (vain) hope that GC might be further sorted out on this stage with two 350m Category 2 climbs sandwiching another smaller climb.  The way this tour races is between major hosting cities, which are seldom up a hill, therefore there’s always a good downhill run in to the finish allowing the peleton to come back together, as did today.
I positioned well for the sprint but nerved (checked) out with 300m to go.  Finished 18th to move up to 19th overall which is nice little bonus but disappointed to not achieve something more.
Well I’m more ‘up’ for bunch kicks (ask me 3 stages before and all of us at Subway Pro Cycling – we weren’t interested given the amount of crashes) AND importantly the team plan is to execute a lead out for me!  Stoked, nervous, yes very nervous but I’m focussing on the processes of getting to the finish line in front of as much as possible.
I’ll keep you blogged…

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