Lunch time riding

I have the luxury of a job that involves doing what I love – taking people cycling, but life is quickly ebbing towards a cycling career where training is done when I can find the time (a.k.a. ‘living in the real world’).
I’ve always been a fan of fitting training into a commute to work and fro but when work is from home, as it has been for a lot of displaced central city workers, a new way to fit in your cycling without upsetting the family home ch’i, must be found.
We now have shorter, colder days that remain windless until mid-afternoon.  Now also consider increased work productivity from a lunch menu fortified with ‘fresh air’, and you’ve got good reason to be spending your winter lunch times on the bike, whether from home or office.
Being the envy of your workmates by going for a midday ride makes perfect sense: it’s the only time of day that’s comfortably warm; the wind generally hasn’t strengthened; it breaks up your working day and you become more energised on return; encounter less road traffic; and make the most of a different geographic location to start your ride from.
For those less fortunate enough to be employed in a work place which isn’t ‘bike friendly’, convey these benefits of lunch time exercise to the big cheese.  Facilities that make a work place ‘bike friendly’ are changing, showering and storage (for spare clothing/bike kit and bicycle), and of course a long enough lunch break.
For the record, a double Olympian (both Winter and Summer Olympics), friend of mine, holds the record for greatest distance covered in a 60-minute lunch break (from office desk back to office desk and working again) – 42 kilometres! Now there’s a challenge.

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