Winter Training

This winter has been particularly harsh with record snow dumps, relentless rain and with the shortest day just past – daylight that makes you feel like you’re squinting through blue-blockers.

Now is an obvious time for your off-season, so don’t set goals and expectations that create stress and mean hard training.  This will give you a physical and mental break and allow you to perform at your peak at other times of year without the risk of burning out.

However, off season doesn’t mean locking your bike in the shed and throwing the key.  Keep active for mind and body – just train differently by changing the type, intensity and duration.  For example:

•Come to a cyclist-dedicated indoor spin class.  I take one at John Bull Cycles each Tuesday evening to provide a varied and interesting workout.• Use a fitness centre to not only improve your cycling but also strengthen your body for everyday living.

• Turn up to a Winter Worlds race at Prebbleton, 10:30am each Sunday (until the end of July) for 43 kilometres of short, action packed racing.

• Record highlights of the Tour de France, which starts tomorrow, and set up your indoor trainer in front of a television at flat or home (in a location where you’re still going to be loved by your significant others).  This will motivate your training to new extremes.

Finally, use the winter period to work on other aspects of your life – spend time with family and friends or on improving your mental and physical health.  If you have any other suggestions for keeping yourself sane and healthy during winter, don’t hesitate to email me.

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