Tour of Southland 2012 Day 1 Blog

Team Time Trial around Queen’s Park – a 4km sufferfest!

Glad to have got started.  Despite coming down at the latest time (meaning I was up for the ‘gimp’ room at the regular Subway Invercargill digs), I felt I had enough hanging around time to make me feel like Lazy Larry.  Yes it is a different world when you don’t have your kids to run around with or training to complete.  Alas, it is good time to put your feet up and bank rest time before a very tiring week.

All the boys (Westley Gough, Ian Smallman, Nick Lovegrove, Dylan Kennett and Simon Binney) were pretty relaxed in preparation for the opening team time trial.  No master plan, no stressing out, just trying hard to keep warm in a windy but thankfully dry Invercargill. Kenny and I put in some fast (Kenny) and strong (me) laps to get us through to 3rd place – an awesome team result and only 2 seconds off yellow.

We look forward to tomorrow’s 160km jaunt to Lumsden – there’ll be wind!

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