Tour of Southland 2012 Stage 1 Invercargill to Lumsden 160k

A fairly uneventful day, generally speaking….

Subway Pro Cycling team manager Hayden Godfrey is currently on the phone to the commissaires trying to nullify my 20 second time penalty for moto pacing after my double puncture in the last 15k of today’s stage.  Not 100% I’m having my leg pulled but it sounds like it could be a bit of a *&*k off.  Asides from hitting a front wheel and someone hitting me and the  above annoyance it was a fairly boring non-eventful stage which didn’t really leave us with much joy (we didn’t do much to animate the race).

Well I did indeed receive the penalty.  Looking on the bright side, if I hadn’t been moto paced back I would have lost more than 20seconds!  Silly me for not having my latex tubes swapped out after using them in the TTT yesterday.  I am now extra motivated for tomorrow’s Bluff hill.  Ironically the best result I’ve had up this notorious lump of the south was when I ended up walking around the ‘wall’.  I won’t be doing that this year (although it must be noted I ended up walking because I went so hard for the first 80% of the climb).

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