Tour of Southland 2012 Stage 2: Invercargill to Bluff (hill) 137k

I still hate hills!

I didn’t seem to mind them when I raced recently in New Caledonia.  Perhaps because I’ve experienced the ignominy of walking twice up the last corner of Bluff hill I hold back some. But  I can tell you that today, boy I was sucking air, I would say ferociously, at the finish.  So maybe, I wouldn’t do much better than today – 24th up the climb, 24th overall (3:39 down).

This was the day to settle to G.C.  And it has come out with some surprises.  Once a large break had gone up the road with most teams represented (bar Subway!) and not many G.C. contenders (Gordon Macauley and Mike Northerly – 7th & 1st respectively on G.C. now), the Subway boys got to work at the front of the peleton.  Pity we missed the break though.

We will sit down tonight and re evaluate where to from here – must make the breaks from now on!  My G.C. aspirations aren’t completely over but my aim of a stage win and TT win are more realistic.  Having said that, G.C. favourites Heath Blackgrove, Patrick Bevin and Hayden Roulston are only 1:13 in front of me.

Thanks for reading.


One thought on “Tour of Southland 2012 Stage 2: Invercargill to Bluff (hill) 137k

  1. Maybe you just need one of us newbies to go out ahead and be struggling up the last section of the hill so that you can breeze effortlessly past yelling encouragement!? :o)

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