Tour of Southland 2012 stages 3, 4 & 5: Riverton to Tuatapare to Te Anau to Crown Range

Not much to report in stages 3 and 4 but a bit of a morale booster stage 5!

I think I mentioned previously that team morale wasn’t too high after missing the days main break on day 2 on the stage to Bluff hill.  Well a combination of not having internet access and not a great day yesterday led to me to not blogging.

The Subway boys were all ‘g’ed’ to make the break in the morning stage along the notoriously windy south coast from Riverton to Tuatapare but the stage really played out to be one of attrition rather than seeing a group ride away.  I spent a too long a period up the road on a solo suicide mission, to be caught, to be miss the split, to fortunately make it back to the front.  It goes to show that while bike racing you NEVER give up on a result (not that I got a result), but while going up the road solo wasn’t the brightest idea, missing the front group until the last 3k was fortuitous as the second chasing group was easier to ride in then the front ‘attacking’ group.

Onto the afternoon’s stage.  I went with an attack at the start and felt horrible!  I then helped Smalls help get Kenny up to the break.  Unfortunately due to an ongoing saddle sore issue, Kenny was seen quickly coming back to bunch.  And more unfortunately, Kenny didn’t start today.

It was always going to be touch and go for Kenny given that today was the longest stage of 179k.  This didn’t stop the plan of Subway boys making the early break, which Grover and I did.  And to some joy I was ‘virtual yellow jersey’ for a while, but only for a while.  Not given much leash, we were brought back with 8k to go ending my aspirations of a stage win and good move up the G.C. ladder.

Alas we were happy (Grover, myself, team manager Hayden as it meant that he was able to move out of his miserable position in the convoy to the front of the race behind the breakaway) with Subway’s efforts today.  I’m looking forward to tomorrow!

Thanks for reading


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