Tour of Southland 2012 day 7 stage 7 and 8: Winton 13k Individual TT and Winton to Invercargill 87k

Winton 13k Individual TT:

This was the one stage I really wanted to win, for the jersey (elite national TT champ), for my cycling (my ultimate and final goal for my competitive cycling is to podium at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games) and for Subway Pro Cycling (hasn’t been such a great week!).  In a nutshell – good result but a sour taste of disappointment.  I managed to make the ‘hotseat’ – set up in the Winton Pub (I think the ‘bottom’ pub) alongside the finish line, but eventually got bumped by a storming Michael Vink.  He is a great time trialist so good on him!

The big action was happening behind us with yellow jersey Carter Jones (Bissell Pro Cycling) putting in a true champion’s performance by putting a further 12 seconds into 2nd place Mike Northerly.  All the classifications remained unchanged with Taylor Gunman (Pure Black Racing) retaining the U23 jersey as well.

Afternoon stage from Winton to Invercargill:

This stage always has potential to split up quickly as motivation is a must when it’s so easy to have 1/2 an eye on the luxuries of life outside the tour bubble which awaits you in Invercargill.  Well this happened within the first 3k- not unexpected.  Unexpected was the dramatic change in G.C. with Mike Northerly breaking free from Bissell Pro’s Jones to take back the yellow jersey he won on day 3.  Also Hayden Roulston (Calder Stewart) won the stage and moved up to second on G.C. while his team mate and ITT winner Vink took 2nd on the stage and won the U23 jersey.  Awesome to see Dion Smith (Pure Black Racing) made it up there too rolling in 3rd.

Must fly as presentation dinner awaits.

Thanks for reading.

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