Cycling festival for a broken city

I don’t want to dwell on Christchurch’s shaky past but I am reminded of the daily grind we live in when iconic events such as the ‘Round the Bays’ race is held, well in the bay-less (but pothole-less) North Canterbury.  I will however dwell on the fact that a local events company (Not Just Events) has continued to run this prestigious event this Saturday, reinforcing that Christchurch is still a destination of choice.  Of course Sunday’s festival event previously held at the city centre’s Oxford ‘Strip’, is in fact still in Christchurch now at the University of Canterbury.

Here is a perfect opportunity to not only support local events but set a goal to work towards providing mental and physical benefits and maybe even a little healthy rivalry between you and your best exercise buddy.  Of course if you’re not entered and trained by now you’ll need to start looking at the next cycling event (another displaced cycle event held in March but essentially covering most of the same course is Le Race).  

If not competing then spectating particularly at the crowd friendly criterium on Sunday is the next best option. Some of New Zealand’s best female and male cyclists will be competing on both days making spectating even more attractive.   The University’s grounds in particular offer great viewing of almost the entire tight and fast circuit.  Adding to the excitement although unfortunate, crashes are part and parcel of such a dangerous circuit.  I can reassure you though I’ll be doing my best to stay upright this year.

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