End of magpie season, summer is here and cycling is easy…

Can we finally say au revoir to the pesky, territorial menace from the sky, the magpie that haunts the brightly-coloured and perfectly sized and projected targets – road cyclists?  I thought we were in luck when I hadn’t been swooped before October had swung around.  Of course I insisted my luck was in part due to my intelligence – group riding (safety in numbers) and picking the right (macrocapa-less) route.  I’ve been ‘swooped’ as early as July in the past so I was adamant that either numbers had fallen or the former (my intelligence).

How wrong I was and how reminded I was as late as a couple of weeks ago after I received a familiar swoosh and tap on the shoulder.  I must point out that I’m not a magpie-basher or gun-shooting-pest advocate.  I’m not too dark on magpies as I’ve never had more than an aforementioned tap.  Albeit not friendly, I’ve thought of swoops in lighter terms of late as I endeavour to contribute a little less road rage to the district.

But an end to the magpie season does herald a change of season, bringing me to my next topic – summer!  Now I will embrace the fact that here in the maritime-heavily-influenced-climate of New Zealand, summer can be winter can be autumn or spring within a day.  In addition to such drastic climatic changes we tend to have periods of 1-2 months of cracker or shocker weather.  Most would vouch for the later in December but recent scorching temperatures and windless days has got me, the optimist, enthusiastic.

And what an impact it has on the motivation to ride your bike!  It is also a whole lot faster, and physiologically (your heart, lungs and legs) and mentally a whole lot easier.  While I’m going to accept the regular (but certainly a minority) day of rain, I’m declaring a state of warm and dry bike riding zest on Christchurch.

Hope to see you out there.

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