2013 New Zealand Cycle Classic stage 2 blog

Our team plan today was to help Jason Christie move up into the top 10 in G.C.  I figured lacking endurance I could help Jas make it into what we predicted would be a race defining break.  We knew Huon Genesys had more cards than any to play today so they would be the riders to watch.  And it turned out that way with 3 making the break up the first K.O.M., unfortunately Jas wasn’t there!

We also talked about scraping for the ‘other’ prizes on offer – sprint ace and stage wins.  So when the 1 kilometer to sprint board appeared, a group was just brought back, and my move up the side and off the front of the peloton was not marked, it was time to give it death.

The choice deal with winning the one and only sprint on the first day, despite putting myself thoroughly inside the box, was the fact that I had 110kilometres of sweet sweet anticipation of the podium presentation of a sprint jersey.  Now it is game on for the rest of the tour – the game of winning the Lithoprint sprint jersey.

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