2013 New Zealand Cycle Classic stage 3 blog

Today’s plan for the team revolved around securing further points for the green jersey, however, Jason also had his plan to dominate the stage, which he did so convincingly.  

Jas was talking his legs up this morning (perhaps chocolate/licorice loading the night before makes you go good) and wanted to make the early move.  Both our attempts to escape the peloton were in vain. To my good fortune the sprint happened during a brutal cross wind section where the peloton fragmented meaning I was the only to contest it. Soon after Jas made the move that stuck.

When the peloton sat up I knew he would be a good chance for the win because he’s so strong.  However, he would have to contend with Huon Genesys rider Campbelll Flakemore who by right was granted a free ride because his team held yellow. Not only that but he’s also a hammer.  So when we got the call that Flakemore was up the road I thought it might be over for Jas.  However, he went too early and when the break caught him Christie was off!

So sweet sweet success for the team and also for our bank roller Tim Stephens owner of Balllina Motel from Napier!

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