2013 New Zealand Cycle Classic stage 4 blog

Why is it that the ‘queen’ stage always suck, no matter how much your goals and intentions avoid anything to do with hills?!  I’ll tell you why – even with the sprinter’s jersey on my back, ‘grupetto-ing’ up the final climb at a very easy tempo in front of a number of avid cycle fans (and there were a good deal for a New Zealand road race) cheering you on, always makes you feel shit bags.

Alas, it was another good day for the team as the goals we set out to achieve were ticked off.   Come the one only sprint at 28k I had two team mates leading me off the front of the peloton to roll across the line uncontested.  While (the green jersey is) still not in the bag I’m sure I’ll sleep a little less restlessly tonight.

I’m glad a little bit of what (former Subway Pro Cycling team DS) Graeme Millar has instilled in us I put into practice – went and re-conned the hill last night.  For I had in my mind a ‘power climb’ (never trust course profiles), for which I could slay after making it into a breakaway.  Glad I realised it was anything but for I’d be a lot less happier than I am right now. And far more in the hurt locker…

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