My Story – Paul Odlin’s quest for the World Championships and beyond

This is an overview of why, how and what I am planning to achieve in my cycling career over 2013 and 2014 so you know what I’m fundraising for and ultimately know where your money is going!

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My ultimate goal in cycling is to medal at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.  The psychological skills training I have done unearthed my inner drive to achieve this goal.  The genesis of this drive came 15 years ago at my grandmother’s funeral when surrounded by family; and in 2000 when I wrote down my lifetime ambitions on the ‘solo’  expedition while participating on a Outward Bound program.

Time is running out for me to realise this goal as I am 34 years old and the father of Lucca (4) and Hazel (1) and husband to Holly.  I see this time restraint as an extra motivation to perform.

I am also approaching my aim of competing against the world’s best at the 2013 World Championships in Italy in an unorthodox manner – I am based in New Zealand where the key components of my life family and business (cycle coaching business) are situated.  Therefore I must perform at the highest standard (win or at least podium) in a time trial in France in September if I am to be selected for New Zealand for the 2013 World Championships and later the Commonwealth Games.

I know from my experience as a coach and my training last year that I will be able attain my peak performance at the selection race in September.  I will be draw on all my best mental skills training to perform at the required highest standard.  I am 100% confident I can achieve this!

Generously Steve Bateman, Director at SB logistics based in Christchurch has pledged to fund my air ticket to Europe.  I am now fundraising for insurance and living costs for the minimum of 1 week and hopefully maximum of 3 weeks (should I be selected for the Worlds)  in Europe.

I have been endorsed by BikeNZ high performance director for competing in the selection time trial in France (Chrono Champenois).  He will report back to me on the following:

“In regards to its relevance to selection I would need to discuss that with selectors, look at the other riders in consideration who are currently racing in Pro or Pro continental teams in Europe and their alignment to our objectives to win medals in 2016.”

So while nothing is set in concrete yet I pledge to donate any unused funds to a charity, either a junior cycling development or a ‘feel-good’ child welfare organisation.



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