Spring 2014

The latest from competitive road cyclist, professional cycle coach and family guy is….

I consider myself a ‘pure’ cyclist – someone who pretty much lives on a bike at the expense, rather benefit, of not being behind a steering wheel.  So I can be more excited about simple commuter gear than the latest flashy bike.  I have been just that with my recent purchase of a super safe and comfortable Specialized Align helmet (only 65 bucks!).
20141030_102807 (1)

As far as the training has gone – real good!!!! I’ve actually been a bit more conscious of enjoying the journey/process and not so het up on the end result.  It’s nice to feel strong and rest up appropriately (recovery makes you faster).

I’ve also spent a fair chunk of my time training on my Revbox erg at Chain Reaction Cycles Specialized concept store.  The fullas in the workshop I’m only doing it there to make them all feel guilty (and draw attention from passing females while I’m sweating away topless on my trainer).

Revbox training in CRC

I’ve been able to do three races this Spring, which is good going given I’m not permanently in a local team nor have much time between family, work and training.  I’ve made the races count though given I’ve been able to ride to and fro (biggest day 255k!) and they’ve all been over 100k.  Some prep for the Tour of Southland is better than no prep!

I’m writing this the day before leaving for Invercargill but you won’t be reading it until after I’ve started (the team time trial around central Invercargill is Sunday November 2nd – my team is PowerNet).  First goal is to stay up!  Second to be relaxed and enjoy myself and get some quality racing miles.  Third is the eternal – win the final day’s time trial!  Fourth where there’s an opportunity (in my case wind) put myself in a strong position for a result.


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