For training >90mins consume 30-60g carbohydrate and 500-750ml fluid per hour

30-60g depends on intensity – for most training sessions aim for 30g, for racing aim for 60g

30g carbohydrate = 6 Jet Planes/Jelly Beans, 750ml Horley’s Replace (2 scoops), 1 large Banana, 1 Gel (Leppin/Gu/Peak Fuel), 1 Pams or Weight Watchers Cereal Bar, ¾ One Square Meal Bar

500-750ml fluid depends on temperature, e.g. winter approximately 500ml per hour, summer 750ml per hour

For training >60mins consume within 30mins post training 50g carbohydrate and 20g protein

E.g. Up and Go, Horley’s Sports Foods with 1 Banana, or Smoothie (1 Banana, 1 cup Frozen Berries, 1 cup Trim Milk, ½ cup Yoghurt – blend with Ice)