“Thanks so much for all your support! You were amazing over the 4 days. You’re a legend! Am eager to set myself a new mega goal now. “
“I just thought I would let you know I have been selected for the performance squad for cycling at Loughborough University (there are 7 men and 2 women). They provide us with free strength and conditioning, sports science and physio support.
I did some racing after my trip to the Alps (got my BC license).  This included circuit racing (my technical side to my riding is massively improved even got called a good descender in the Alps), and a national women’s team series race which was brutal but I finished in the bunch even after I punctured and had to race to get back on.

Thanks for all your coaching I won’t have made the squad without that experience.”


“Paul, I just wanted to say thank you for your coaching. I am a much better rider than when I came to New Zealand. Not only I am a lot fitter and lighter, I am also a much better rider technically and no longer get so freaked out on the descents.”


Thanks for the feedback for Brendan.  I have never seen him so pumped!  Not just in cycling but at school too.  You have really motivated him.  Thanks

Brendan’s Dad

“Paul has given me a real sense of direction with my cycling.  We have set realistic training goals that fit into an already busy life.  There are times though that I just can’t squeeze it all in, and I have a sense that Paul gets that.  I feel constantly challenged and encouraged by Paul’s determined approach to see me improve.  Self doubt has been a serious hurdle to overcome for me….but already I have achieved distances and times that a few months ago I would never have thought possible.”


“it’s been a really positive experience working together. My ability on the bike has come up in leaps and bounds in such a short time. I’ve learnt a lot too, about how to train and just what my body can handle – which is more than I’d ever realised. How far I’ve come was highlighted to me the other day when I bumped into an old riding buddy on my hill reps, he nearly choked on his squeezy when I told him I had achieved a 490km week! This has been from following your guidance, so thank you for everything.”

“It’s been an interesting few weeks training wise. I’m learning so much especially around my tolerance to training stress, racing and controlling effort. Before I signed up I knew the training methods (it’s easy to read and find out) but not how to use them – or in other words I had the tools to build the house but no knowledge of how to build the house.”

“Cycling can be an expensive sport but the best investment I made was signing up with Odlin Cycle Coaching. In my short time working with Paul I’ve learnt more than in 2 years of training on my own. Paul couples a positive easy going approach with years of elite racing experience and qualified knowledge. But most importantly he expresses a genuine interest in you as a person and what you want to achieve on the bike. Thanks heaps Paul!”                                                                                                                                                    Andrew V


“Paul – thanks for the coaching and dragging me up from C grade! I had confirmation that I will start this Sunday’s Benchmark race (round 4 – Tour of Selwyn – 2010)”


“I have never been able to devise training programmes to produce peak performances. Paul has put together training programmes to do Le Race 2009 … it was my best performance. Harbour Ride 2009 was my fastest ever despite harder conditions than normal. So it works.”

“Training with Paul has been an extremely positive and motivating experience for me – a 16kg weight loss over a 24 week period. – a very successful rehabilitation/strengthening program for a chronic calf muscle injury. The improvement in my cycling performance has far exceeded all my expectations and I will definitely be back for more!”

“Given the level of importance and priority I placed on improving my physical and mental well being, I feel Paul’s enthusiasm, intensity and involvement in training, range of skills and knowledge of personal health are instrumental in me achieving my goals. From the outset, Paul has taken my perception of “what was required” and redirected my focus onto the key aspects of reaching an achievable goal by providing guidance in the types of training, frequency of training, diet and daily nutritional requirements in order to succeed. Paul’s training sessions are varied yet regulated to ensure we all partake in the required cardiovascular/resistance training mix for our own individual requirements, yet regularly changed or reshuffled to ensure we remain interested and build on previous achievements .Paul has developed my awareness and interest in what and when I eat by providing some sound guidelines in nutritional requirements. He employs the CSIRO Total Wellbeing diet to provide a well balanced and easily consumed eating plan which comprises our basic food groups, purchased and prepared in simple everyday measures. Recipes and handy hints are continually provided to ensure nothing is bland, difficult to replace should a substitute be required or time consuming to prepare. My diet is now varied, healthy and relatively inexpensive when compared to the more regimented diet programmes and their myriad of supplements.Paul’s interest in his clients, both in the gym and the sporting/social arena’s and his commitment to ensure we improve to succeed in our chosen goals are reason enough for me to recommend him to anyone seeking personal achievement, a healthier lifestyle or both.”

“I didn’t say explicitly, but I am very encouraged with the descent improvement. Confidence up, tackling some corners without braking for the first time.”

“Paul. Thank you for the encouragement and the preparation. I could have easily said “too hard” when the nerves kicked in.”

“I have been working with Paul Odlin for the last 12 months and I have begun cycling – quite frequently. I have lost close to 9kgs in weight. I have needed to buy new (and slimmer) clothes, I have reached a situation where I do not need to see a doctor every three months to get a top up prescription for low dose aspirin and cholesterol. I find I sleep better than previously. I have not been as fit as I now am since I was in my 20’s. (and I am now in my 60’s)… I do think that I am going to pass some of those youngsters in the cycling club I have joined. Not long now.”

“Thanks so much for all your input into the whole venture from the Masters Games to last weekend. I wouldn’t have enjoyed the effort half as much if I hadn’t been pushed to another level of achievement.”