The synergistic relationship between Odlin Cycle Coaching and PhysioSouth Physiotherapists


I have personally successfully rehabilitated back from injury and strongly believe using physiotherapy services as the primary means of treatment and guidance. I have had a lot of success with referring my gym and Lincoln based clients to Kathryn Claridge and Selwyn Physiotherapy.

I have now moved back into Christchurch and I started looking for a Christchurch Physiotherapy practice. Graeme Nuttridge is an integral part of the Christchurch local cycling fratenity and also owns and manages a physiotherapy business with multiple practices around town.  I have successfully referred patients to him and his team with outstanding results.

Case studies

Myself – I have had a history of injuries exasperbated by rigourous physical activity. A cornerstone injury in which I begun to put faith in the guidance and treatment of physiotherapists was when I developed tendonitis of the foot dorsiflexors (muscles situated at the front of the shin bone) for the second time. I first had tendonitis in this area when I was racing in Belgium for the first time. I subsequently lost my whole season there and returned home disheartened. Two years later when training for the(2004) SBS Christchurch marathon I developed tendonitis again.

This time I immediately visited SportsMed on noticing pain in my shin. With treatment, guidance and remedial exercises I was back running within two weeks and back to full strength between 4-6 weeks. I missed the marathon but gained a strong faith in using physiotherapists to diagnose, treat and help overcome injury rapidly.

Morley (psuedonym) – Morley came to me last year for personal training. Morley had a significant history of heart problems, approaching his 60th birthday, 84kg (categorised obese by B.M.I.) and wanting to get fit and cycle to 100km for his upcoming birthday. Morley quickly began to lose weight throught resistance training and commuting to work. He began to show increased interest in cycling, especially after achieving his goal of biking 100km on his birthday.

Through the course of 2009 lost weight (now ~74kg), gained confidence in his cycling ability, moved from a mountain bike with slicks to a road bike, went off medications for his cardiac history and competed in the ‘Harbour Ride’ (long bays) at the Festival of Cycling in December. Looking forward to taking the next step in his cycling career in 2010, Morley has been stymied by persistant right hip and lower back pain. This prevents him from cycling longer distances that are required to step his training up. I referred Morley to Kathryn Claridge to assess and diagnose the cause of his pain. After a few treatments and prescribed exercises, in addition to alterations to his bike setup made by Scott Millar at BikeRight, Morley has been able to bike further than he has before. To continue overloading Morley with a sufficient amount of training I believe he requires further consultation with SportsMed.

KT (psuedonym) – KT came to me in May of 2010 wanting to build her cycling endurance up from the little she was doing to being able to do 100km daily over 10 days in a cycle tour overseas. Through initial screening, I identified a history of uni-lateral shoulder problems. With the start of her training with me I also asked her to have a consultation with Kathryn to assess and diagnose her shoulder.