Cycle Commuting

Once touted as the New Zealand’s most ‘cycle friendly city’, Christchurch has slipped behind other Kiwi metropolis at encouraging the best means of urban transportation.  We’ve had earthquakes, a winter to forget, and now we’re looking towards rebuilding our city, so where does cycle commuting fit into our lives? No prizes for assuming I have… Read More

Trouble Sleeping?

The recent decision by the Australian Olympic Committee to ban their athletes from taking sleeping pills at the London Olympics has stirred mixed responses.  As an athlete I wanted to share my 2-cents.  Personally I don’t agree with the AOC and do with New Zealand’s Olympic committee, in rejecting to follow suit.  I also thought… Read More

Winter Training

This winter has been particularly harsh with record snow dumps, relentless rain and with the shortest day just past – daylight that makes you feel like you’re squinting through blue-blockers. Now is an obvious time for your off-season, so don’t set goals and expectations that create stress and mean hard training.  This will give you… Read More