Weekly training tip

Tip for the week: Washing your bike tips (#2): clean your drive chain (jockey wheels, chain, chain rings and cassette – in that order) first, wearing (disposable) rubber gloves (also handy for wearing underneath gloves when racing in extreme cold and wet).  Then clean your frame and components after you’ve got all the chain grease… Read More

Winter training tip #4

Winter training tip for the week: clean your drive chain by running the chain through a rag then applying lube.  Finally clean the excess lube off the chain with the rag.  Do this weekly!  The other most important bicycle parts to clean regularly are your brake pads and rims – these wear out quickly after… Read More

Winter training tip #3

Winter training tip for the week: split up your training into two sessions.  Requires more time but means you can avoid having to spend long periods of time getting cold.  Even in cold beautiful days like today!