Good morning cyclists
Group ride schedule: 
MONDAY Lunch time sprint session: meet Zeroes 12:30pm
TUESDAY Indoor Session at Christchurch Mitsubishi, 386 Moorhouse Ave, starting 6:30pm. Threshold
WEDNESDAY Group ride meet Zeroes 6:55am for Scarborough return
THURSDAY Vertex, 41 Moorhouse Ave, 6-7pm
SUNDAY Long Bays: meet Zeroes 7:55am. Coffee at Fava to finish
Mapmyride group ride routes:
Monday 12:30pm from Zeroes: sprint training on the causeway GR: Zeroes Sumner return
Wednesday 6:55am from Zeroes: Scarborough hill return; coffee at Fava on return GR: Zeroes Scarborough Hill return
Sunday 7:55am from Zeroes: Long bays + a mini Tour of Selwyn GR: Long Bays Zeroes to Fava
Hub Cycles Discount: all OCC clients are entitled to a 15% discount on accessories & bikes not on special already (labour not included).
O.C.C’s principles of safety:
1) Keep left.
2) Scout, shout and point out.
3) Awareness of other road users and anticipation of hazards.
Ride strong