Good afternoon cyclists
Events coming up: 
The annual OCC Christmas Breakfast: next Wednesday December 19th, 7:30am at Fava Cafe (the group ride will start at 6:30am from Zeroes). All welcome to come in for breakfast or coffee!
christmas party invite.jpeg
Please let me know if you can come for reservation purposes.
Race Results:
A crew of us met up with a crew from Timaru, in Pleasant Point (just north of Timaru) to ride the 2019 age group nationals course. We had beautiful weather, quiet roads in a rolling countryside.
We then went onto the local club race where 7 of us raced:
A grade: Coach 2nd, Ollie (finished in the lead bunch), Thomas & Hamish S (punctured unfortunately)
B grade: Hamish G 3rd!
C grade: Gary S 2nd!, Hamish 6th
Group ride schedule: 
WEDNESDAY Group ride: meet Zeroes 6:50am for Lapping practice at Ladbrooks
THURSDAY Group ride: meet Zeroes 5:30pm for hill reps
SUNDAY Gorges: meet 6:50am corner Main North & Sawyers Arms. We are stopping at Loburn for the 40k ITT; once this is finished we continue onto Oxford for a coffee stop and the rest of gorges
Mapmyride group ride routes:
Wednesday 6:50am from Zeroes: Lapping @ Ladbrooks
Thursday 5:30pm from Zeroes: Cup reps
Sunday 6:50am from corner Main North & Sawyers Arms Roads: Gorges from Northlands
Hub Cycles Discount: all OCC clients are entitled to a 15% discount on accessories & bikes not on special already (labour not included).
O.C.C’s principles of safety:
1) Keep left.
2) Scout, shout and point out.
3) Awareness of other road users and anticipation of hazards.
Ride strong