Good Afternoon Athletes
Cycling consumer product of the week: – for broken garmin cycling computer mounts, this product means your broken garmin can lock to your mount again.  (I’ve only purchased this product online today, review pending).
As this is new to the OCC Weekly Ride Schedule please provide me with your suggested product ‘gems’, so that we can spread the word!
Group ride schedule: 
next MONDAY Lunch time sprint session: meet Zeroes 12:30pm for sprints on the McCormacks Bay causeway
WEDNESDAY Group ride meet Zeroes 6:55am: Scarborough Hill return. Coffee at St Martins New World to finish
THURSDAY (Hill) Interval session 5:30pm Zeroes
SUNDAY Long Bays incl Purau: meet Zeroes 6:55am (finishing at Fava for coffee)
Mapmyride group ride routes:
Wednesday 6:55am from Zeroes: GR: Zeroes Scarborough Hill return
Thursday 5:30pm from Zeroes: Cup reps
Sunday 6:55am from Zeroes: GR: LB + Purau St Martins NW
Hub Cycles Discount: all OCC clients are entitled to a 15% discount on accessories & bikes not on special already (labour not included).
O.C.C’s principles of safety:
1) Keep left.
2) Scout, shout and point out.
3) Awareness of other road users and anticipation of hazards.
Ride strong